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Window Tinting with High Performance Film

Our product holds a lifetime warranty that is worldwide if you move, or are out of your area. Our new line is also transferrable which is nice to have available for the new owner if you decide at a later time to give your vehicle to a family member ot sell it out right.

Enhance your investment by having us install our best film on your vehicle witch not only adds the style and comfort, but also adds protection against all over shattering of glass breakage.

Cooler: When your vehicle is tinted you will feel that your interior stays cooler with the heat out side, and when it is cold outside it will hold the heat in.

Safety: Our film rejects close to 100% of UVA and UBA rays which can do significant damage to your skin and your vehicles interior. Also it protects your interior from glass shattering throughout your vehicle due to an accident and or other breakage of your glass. Window film actually keeps broken glass intact once shattered.

Confidently: You feel confident with the installation of your automotive film installed by a certified installer. We trust the film that we use to do the outstanding performance, strong warranty coverage and superior satisfaction. Dont settle for and ordinary window installer due to price or convenience because in the end your money in this day and time is valuable to you as your lasting relationship and business is to us. We will try to give you the best price along with the confidence of our experience that you can trust.

  • 4-Door Sedan: Rear windows
  • 2-Door Vehicle: Rear windows

Vans, SUV’s, and Cross Over vehicles are a slight charge difference and we normally are always offering specials on pricing so please call email or stop by.

In California there is a law against having aftermarket film on your front two windows. We will suggest something lighter on your driver and passenger windows but will tint them any shade with your knowledge of this law. On your rear windows you can go as dark as “limo tint”.