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Interior Detail

Includes complete vacuuming, clean shampoo interior (seats, carpet, floor mats, door panels, dash, and center console). Clean all cup holders and open pockets. If there are leather seats we clean them them separately with leather cleaner and condition all leather and/or vinyl throughout the interior. We also spot dry clean the headliner. Approx. time: 2 to 3 1/2 hours.

An automotive commercial hand held steam clean extractor is used on the carpet floor mats and cloth seats to remove and hard stains that would not be removed by hand shampooing. We also use a conditioning lotion not an interior dressing (puts really shiny and slick look to the interior). The conditioning is massaged into the leather and/or vinyl, and with regular conditioning it will soften up the material so it will help not to dry and crack. Leather seats should be conditioned at least once every three months.

Exterior Detailing

Includes 100% hand wash. We wash and clean out the door jams, fender wells, wheels, and tires. Tires are dressed unless requested not to. Paint is polished, which removes slight imperfections such as minor scratches, light oxidation, or minor swirls (mostly on dark vehicles) that occur from frequent car washes. And finally carnuba hand wax or polymer sealer is applied with an orbiter (mild high speed machine applier). Approx. time: 3 to 4 hours.

Any major buffing like severe oxidation and/or more major scratches throughout vehicle you would be looking at an estimated additional fee.

Complete exterior & interior detailing

Approximate labor time 4 to 6 hours depending on condition of the vehicle. This includes all above listed “Interior” and “Exterior” detailing.

Engine degreasing & cleaning: Top

An exterior hose conditioner is applied unless requested not to. Approx. time: 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

-Bottom includes underneath of engine oil pan, and transmission pan.

Engine cleaning can be added to the above interior and exterior detail at a discounted rate. Great to be added when preparing a vehicle for sale.
Believe it or not a clean engine actually runs smoother because all the old oil and grime is cleaned off and does not have to run so hard with all the caked on goop.

  • Complete Interior & Exterior 3-Way Protection package
  • Exterior Paint Sealant
  • Interior Fabric protector and Leather (and/or vinyl) protection
  • Vans and SUV’s additional

Teflon Paint Sealant protects your vehicles paint surface by preserving the vehicles finish, protecting against oxidation, loss of gloss, and shielding out contaminants.

Interior Fabric Protectant (Scotchgard™) adds a protective coating to material and carpet shielding it from dirt, grease, oil, coffee, and grime. Resists damage form ultraviolet rays, and prolong interior fabric life. Of course any spillage should be cleaned as soon as possible as to not seep into fabric.  Scotchgard™ is a topical product that protects the op surface from damage and staining.

Leather and/or Vinyl Protector is a conditioner that penetrates through the surface pores to preserve seats, interior trim, and dashboards; protecting the treated area against fading and discoloration. Changes in our weather and temperature, dirt, dust, oil, and the sun contribute to the deterioration of today’s leather and vinyl.

The Interior Protection Package is also great for our couch and love seat furniture at your home or place of business.